Michael Boal on the Issues

Among his numerous ideas for improving the future of Iowa and those calling it home, Michael Boal is focused on several key issues he believes are critical to making Iowa a better place including a balanced budget, taxes, rethinking the criminal justice system, and improving mental health services. Learn more about his views on the issues below.

Boal for Iowa Education Icon


No two school districts are the same, and we cannot use a “one size fits all” approach to educate our children.  Michael believes local schools need flexibility when it comes to spending, teaching, and training young people to find good jobs after graduating.  School administrators should be able to use construction dollars for security improvements, and make sure all schools have a safety plan to keep students safe.

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An overwhelming majority of Iowans recognize the importance of water quality.  As a member of the legislature, Michael will work toward finding common-sense solutions that ultimately benefit all Iowans, both urban and rural.

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Medicaid and Health Care

Iowans deserve a Medicaid program and a health-insurance market we can be proud of. Michael is open to all ideas and proposals to best serve Iowa’s most vulnerable populations. We should continue to adopt creative ways for private health insurance to stay affordable. Michael recognizes we cannot ignore these problems any longer.

Boal for Iowa Budget

Iowa’s Budget

Michael believes one of the most important duties of the Iowa legislature is to budget responsibly. Although it may sound basic, the State cannot outspend itself. Any other approach just kicks the “debt can” down the road and burdens future generations. Responsible budgeting also means making the most of the revenue the State brings in. Efficient government keeps more money in the pocket of Iowa families while ensuring that those who need help are provided crucial services.

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Michael believes we must simplify our tax code and keep more money in the bank account of every Iowa family. We must also always be open to modernizing Iowa’s tax code to best maximize growth in today’s ever-changing economy.

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Michael has witnessed firsthand the problems facing Iowa’s criminal justice system. The State’s prisons are overcrowded and many valuable diversion programs have been abandoned due to underfunding. Meanwhile, inflexible sentencing laws keep nonviolent offenders in prison for too long and cost Iowans millions of dollars each year. Needed criminal justice reform has received bipartisan support in the past, and Michael is confident that even more work can be done in the future.

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Michael believes mental health policy is one of the most critical issues facing our State right now. Many Iowans live with a serious mental illness, or have a loved one who struggles to find basic services. This issue spans Iowa’s health care system, its insurance markets, our criminal justice system, and valuable public-private partnerships across the State. Iowa’s lawmakers must be quick to listen, and slow to speak. Meaningful reform must consider each of these important dynamics and result in a long-lasting solution for vulnerable Iowans.

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Medical Cannabis

Nearly 80% of Iowans support the state’s medical marijuana program, and for good reason: it helps their friends and neighbors treat debilitating illness without the known danger of opioid addiction.  Michael has toured MedPharm, Iowa’s only manufacturer of medical marijuana, and has witnessed firsthand the significant investments made into this new program.  Michael is in favor of expanding the program to include certain diagnosable conditions.